Atheletes Foot & Running


An itchy dry lesion commonly found in-between the 2/3 toes or 4/5. Patients often complain of a burning sensation. Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis can occur anywhere on the foot. Some runners develop small pustules that spread all over the arch of the foot. These small pustules are often filled with fluid and can be very itchy.

Description - Photograph 1 shows athletes foot in-between the 4th and 5th toes

How it Effects Running

The burning, itchy sensation can be extremely annoying while running.

Causes of Athletes Foot

Many people have the fungus present on their skin but are unaffected by the microscopic organism. Conditions such as bruising or cracks in the skin allow entry for the fungus.


Fungi thrive on moist, warm environments. Which is why this condition usually occurs in between toes due to an accumulation of moisture


It may also spread between individuals. A common port of entry is found within bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and changing rooms.


Not changing your socks on a regular basis can also encourage the build up of fungi in between the toes.


People with excessively sweaty feet are more prone to this condition.


Treatment of Athletes Foot

Creams and sprays can also be used. One of the most effective products is the imperial athletes foot spray below. Also Wear cotton socks to absorb moisture and dry your feet thoroughly after bathing especially in between the toes. It may also be a good idea to use anti-fungal powders which can be used in socks and shoes.