Blisters and Running


Blisters can occur anywhere on the foot but they are more likely to occur on the toes and the sole of the foot due to friction and traction forces.

Blisters Running


How they affect your running

This condition can be very painful and usually occurs when running shoes are not “broken in” adequately or they are inappropriate for running.


Causes of Blisters

As mentioned above, running shoes can cause blisters. Excessive moisture due to sweaty feet can also lead to blisters.


Treatment of Blisters

If the blister is a-symptomatic (not painful) then you should leave the blister alone and let it take its natural course. It will eventually break and the fluid will disperse leaving no pain. If the blister is painful than you should boil a needle for 5-10 minutes in water and once cool, carefully pierce the blister. Press the fluid out and use an antiseptic cream such as betadine cream and cover the area with a dry dressing or a band aid. If you are a diabetic patient or have any doubts about this simple procedure than please contact your doctor for advice.

To prevent blisters make sure your running shoes fit adequately and are not too tight or loose. Try to lubricate your feet to prevent traction by using Vaseline or talcum powder. If you suffer from sweaty feet than products such as callusan fresh are available to control excessive moisture.