Flat Feet and Running


The medial arch (inner arch) is low which result in pain in this region and also affects the mechanics of the rest of your body.

How it affects your running

Persistent throbbing pain may be present in the arch region while running; many other running injuries are also a result of flat feet. Flat feet can cause biomechanical irregularities with you running stride that can result in achilles pain, shin pain, heel pain, calf pain, hamstring strain, quadricep strain, knee pain and can even result in lower back pain.

Dr Foot Sports Insoles Testimonial

"I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Foot's Sport Insoles to anyone with low arches or flat feet. They are ideal for walking around the city, but also for running, cycling and hill walking. I had avoided walking even short distances as my knees and ankles ached. Within one week of wearing the sport insoles I was so much more comfortable - it was amazing the difference the insoles made."

Ms Sophie Bennet, UK

Causes of Flat Feet

There are two main causes of flat feet, over pronation and hereditary factors. Often flat feet can be an inherit trait in a family which can result in several generations having this condition. Over pronation occurs when there is excessive mobility in the sab-taler joint of the foot which causes hyper mobility of the foot. The increased mobility causes the medial arch to flattened out and causes the foot to roll in too much while walking and running. This increased mobility adversely affects all the muscles in the foot and can even affect the lower leg, upper leg and cause back pain. This mechanical imbalance is highlighted during running due to the increased forces being applied to the body.

Treatment of Flat Feet

Treatment consists of using running shoes with a built in arch supports or sports orthotics/ insoles. The use of flat feet orthotics has been researched and tested by leading institutions around the world, and is widely accepted in the medical community. Clinical studies and field research verify the value of orthotics in relieving flat feet and improving structural integrity. Flexible orthotics control foot motion without restricting function and creating compensatory movement in other structures.

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