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Seven Hills Running Club Huntsville and its surrounding communities.
Citrus Road Runners Citrus County and surrounding counties in North Central Florida. The Ashford and District Road Running Club was formed in April 1988 to cater for the needs of, and to provide focus for, adult runners of all abilities who enjoy road running. The fell running section of Preston Harriers. Some of their fell runners also do cross country and road running, but fell running is their main activity.


Running and Jogging Links

The Runner's Web
A Running and Triathlon Resource Site
Run The Planet - [Running Information Site]  
Canuckrunner Comprehensive website for Runners/Triathletes, Road Running Events, Resources for Runners and Triathletes Canada & U.S.
Cool Running Australia An Independent site by runners for runners! A complete sprinting magazine with articles, statistics and useful training tips for sprinters. Athletics in the French-speaking part of Switzerland


 Marathon Links

Very good site to find running partners!


Alternative Healing Links Avon Hypnotherapy - UK based analytical hypnotherapist, specialising in anxiety and fear issues (including phobias), as well as help to stop smoking and hypnotherapy for weight loss. Professional analytical hypnotherapist providing help with anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, stress management, social anxiety, weight loss and stopping smoking. Based in the UK Midlands. Pleasant, relaxed surroundings and easy parking.



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