Tendonitis and Running


Tendonitis is one of the most common running injuries, it can affect any tendon but the most common area affected is the arch of the foot. The posterior tibial tendon which runs along the medial arch (inner side of the foot). This tendon supports the arch of the foot and prevents the foot from rolling in too much. Pain will be present in the instep of the foot; this may be a burning, tingling or even shooting pain. This occurs due to the inflammation of the nerve that surrounds the tendon. When a runner stands on his toes it should produce intense pain when suffering from this condition.


How it affects your running

This is a typical overuse injury; runners that dramatically increase mileage and speed work are prone to tendonitis. A total cessation of running may be necessary with this injury.


Causes of Tendonitis


This can be a result of an initial strain due to running on even surfaces. Tight heel cords (achilles tendon) and flat feet types are more likely to be affected by this condition. A sudden increase in uphill running can be a catalyst for this condition. Conditions such as over pronation are the main cause of tendonitis amongst runners as this causes a biomechanical imbalance during the running stride.


Treatment of Tendonitis


Initial treatment should consist of an ice pack. Some runners prefer to use a wet towel that has been in the fridge. We recommend you use commercially available ice packs for focused pain relief. An anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen will help to reduce the swelling. Please note this should be taken with meals and never before running.

Sports shoes with built in insoles can be beneficial, however we strongly recommend you replace existing insoles with specific sports orthotics/ insoles.