Verruca and Running


Verrucas can occur anywhere on the feet. They can either be a single wart or have many small satellites, the later is known as a mosaic wart.

verruca running

Photograph 1 shows a single verruca

verruca running


Photograph 2 shows an mosaic verruca

How it affects your running

Runners often complain that a verruca feels like a small stone under the foot. This can be annoying and if the verruca is large it can be rather painful.

Causes of Verruca

All verrucas are caused by the human papiloma virus. A break in the skin or a scratch/ moist area allows the virus to enter the skin. Verrucas are commonly contracted in communal places such as swimming pools and gym changing rooms. Excessive moisture in running shoes can also provide an opportunistic environment for the virus to enter the skin.


Products such as salatac gel can be used to treat this condition. Diabetic or patients with a poor circulation should not use these products but instead visit a chiropodist/ podiatrist. Specialist verruca clinics such as birmingham verruca clinic can help or contact your local podiatrist.